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Stacey L. Tokunaga loves to blog about Las Vegas, her favorite place in the world. She loves to write about the many wonders Las Vegas holds for residents and tourists alike. She loves to explore the rich history of the area, which is filled with countless stories and legends.

For this blog, Stacey goes back further into history, beyond the birth of Las Vegas and takes a look at how casinos, which is a huge part of Las Vegas, started. Some of the facts here are stunning, and may even be used to impress friends at parties.

The early casinos: The earliest casinos in history were established thousands of years before Las Vegas was a town. In 2003 B.C., the Chinese used ancient dice and sticks to gamble. What were random results to everyone else were representations of the will of higher beings or gods, to the Chinese.

Kings’ island game: In 100 A.D., there was a game between the Kings of Sweden and the King of Norway. They played the game on an island off the coast of Norway cal…

Las Vegas activities for kids of every age

Stacey L. Tokunaga loves to blog about her hometown, Las Vegas. After all, there is quite a lot to blog about. For this article, she shares three more fun-filled activities that aren’t just for kids, but adults as well when they visit Vegas.

High Roller Observation Wheel: As far as observation wheels go, no other is as grand as the High Roller. This Las Vegas attraction holds the record for being the tallest of its kind in the world, standing at 550 feet. It may look like a Ferris wheel, but it isn’t. This megastructure holds large rotating cabins that can fit 40 people, who can observe Las Vegas and all its surroundings.

Tournament of Kings: One of the most fun events in The Excalibur resort is the Tournament of Kings. Not only is it a reenactment of medieval action, but it’s also one hell of a show. Actors give it their all. They don’t have it easy with everything their wearing. This spectacle is something to appreciate, given the effort the performers exert.

Marvel Av…

Las Vegas Icons: The history of slot machines

There are many iconic landmarks in Las Vegas -- there’s the Las Vegas Strip, Caesar’s Palace, Fremont Street, among others. And these famous sights aren’t the only thing that can depict Las Vegas. Even something as small as a pair of dice, a pack of playing cards, or even a poker chip can allude to Las Vegas. And according to Las Vegas local Stacey L. Tokunaga, the humble slot machine is without a doubt one of the most iconic symbols of Las Vegas. But how did the slot machine come to be?

The very first slot machine was made in New York back in 1891. The game featured 50 playing cards and can be operated with a nickel. To win, a player must end up with a five-card poker hand. Unlike modern-day slot machines, the first machine wasn’t capable of instantly paying out to winners so winnings were paid at the bar. Given this flexibility, bar owners would often give non-monetary prizes like free drinks or cigars.

The first slot machine that did payout winners came in 1895. Instead of…

The best places to visit in Las Vegas for gamblers

A lot of tourists who come to Las Vegas are gamblers. And truth be told, there may not be a better place to try one’s luck out. So, for guests who are coming to the city looking for a blackjack table or some slots, Stacey L. Tokunaga shares some of the best places to visit.


For slot-lovers, not only does ARIA have one of the most massive slot-machine floors in the entire Las Vegas Strip, but it also has arguably the most exclusive high-limit slot rooms in the great state of Nevada. The high-limit slot room, also known as SPIN, has slot machines with $5,000 pulls. In fact, the room is so much beyond one’s imaginations that it even has private bathrooms, staff, and dining area, Stacey L. Tokunaga adds.


If the ARIA is for slot lovers, then the Bellagio is where poker fanatics should head to. With 40 tables for poker, this room is a must-visit for veteran and amateur players. There are mixes of limit and no-limit Hold ‘Ems, and Omahas. Aside from the drink and food fo…

Vegas talk: What makes poker such a great card game?

In the world of gambling and card games, poker is one of the most celebrated games in the country. Some people play it professionally while other casual players get together and have a go at it every once in a while. Las Vegas resident Stacey L. Tokunaga notes that locals call it the greatest card game in the world. And given the popularity of the game, a lot of people are wondering what makes poker such a great card game.

First, it’s a fun game to play regardless if one is betting real money, loose change, or for chips that came with the game. Poker is a dynamic game that relies on certain skills like statistics, predictions, and luck. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get started, and the rules are relatively simple. Anyone can quickly learn by just watching a few rounds.

Genuinely, people are drawn to group games that pull on their ego a bit. Nothing says one is a good player than taking home everyone’s money at the end of the game, or that one can bluff their way to beati…

Best magic shows in Las Vegas

Witness magic -- Stacey L. Tokunaga

While a lot of people think that Las Vegas is very PG in terms of entertainment and lifestyle, there are a lot of wholesome shows families can enjoy here. One of the most staple shows in Vegas are magic shows as several stages in Las Vegas often invite some of the greatest magicians in the world to perform in front of a live audience. For those who are planning on going to Las Vegas to reignite their world with magic, here are some shows to watch. Stacey L. Tokunaga.

Penn & Teller Fool Us
For those who think they are good enough to spot how magic is done, this show is for them. The magic show invites some of the greatest magicians around the world to perform in front of two of the magic world’s greatest minds, Penn and Teller. Those who do fool Penn and Teller get to perform with them on their Las Vegas show at The Rio. Stacey L. Tokunaga.

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic
Comedy and magic are two different art forms that go well with each other. …

Visiting Las Vegas? Don’t forget these attractions

What to see in Vegas. Stacey L. Tokunaga.

Las Vegas may not be filled with wondrous nature, but it remains one of the top tourist destinations in the U.S. Sure, it may not be as child-friendly as Disneyland in Orlando, but it sure is one of the most entertaining places in the country. But be warned, Las Vegas is not as small as most tourists think. It’s not a place where you can walk from one end to the next while checking out all the spots along the way. To help tourists make all the right stops and visits, here are some of the top attractions to take note of when visiting Las Vegas. Stacey L. Tokunaga.

A lot of people flock to Las Vegas to experience gambling, and one of the most recognized luxury casinos on the Strip is Bellagio. Tourists can head down to Bellagio and enter its world-famous high stakes poker tables and try their luck, perhaps? For those who want to try their hand at winning, they need not worry about the police picking them up for gambling is legal i…