Visiting Las Vegas? Don’t forget these attractions

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What to see in Vegas. Stacey L. Tokunaga.

Las Vegas may not be filled with wondrous nature, but it remains one of the top tourist destinations in the U.S. Sure, it may not be as child-friendly as Disneyland in Orlando, but it sure is one of the most entertaining places in the country. But be warned, Las Vegas is not as small as most tourists think. It’s not a place where you can walk from one end to the next while checking out all the spots along the way. To help tourists make all the right stops and visits, here are some of the top attractions to take note of when visiting Las Vegas. Stacey L. Tokunaga.

A lot of people flock to Las Vegas to experience gambling, and one of the most recognized luxury casinos on the Strip is Bellagio. Tourists can head down to Bellagio and enter its world-famous high stakes poker tables and try their luck, perhaps? For those who want to try their hand at winning, they need not worry about the police picking them up for gambling is legal in Las Vegas. Or if tourists are not into gambling, the dancing Fountains of Bellagio is a sight to behold. Stacey L. Tokunaga.

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Barrel Vault Canopy at Fremont St.
Located in downtown Las Vegas, the Barrel Vault Canopy is the central attraction of the Fremont Street experience that covers four entire blocks of Fremont Street. The entire stretch is one entertainment extravaganza filled with free concerts, shows, even its own zip line, the SlotZilla zipline. Stacey L. Tokunaga.

Stratosphere Tower
With a great bird’s eye view of Las Vegas, tourists can appreciate the location better. And there’s no better view in town than the Stratosphere tower. It stands just a little over 350 meters and consists of two observation decks, four rides, and two revolving restaurants. Stacey L. Tokunaga.


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