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Image source: Stacey L. Tokunaga loves to blog about Las Vegas, her favorite place in the world. She loves to write about the many wonders Las Vegas holds for residents and tourists alike. She loves to explore the rich history of the area, which is filled with countless stories and legends. For this blog, Stacey goes back further into history, beyond the birth of Las Vegas and takes a look at how casinos, which is a huge part of Las Vegas, started. Some of the facts here are stunning, and may even be used to impress friends at parties. The early casinos : The earliest casinos in history were established thousands of years before Las Vegas was a town. In 2003 B.C., the Chinese used ancient dice and sticks to gamble. What were random results to everyone else were representations of the will of higher beings or gods, to the Chinese. Image source: Kings’ island game : In 100 A.D., there was a game between the Kings of Sweden and the King of Nor