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Vegas talk: What makes poker such a great card game?

Image source: In the world of gambling and card games, poker is one of the most celebrated games in the country. Some people play it professionally while other casual players get together and have a go at it every once in a while. Las Vegas resident Stacey L. Tokunaga notes that locals call it the greatest card game in the world. And given the popularity of the game, a lot of people are wondering what makes poker such a great card game. First, it’s a fun game to play regardless if one is betting real money, loose change, or for chips that came with the game. Poker is a dynamic game that relies on certain skills like statistics, predictions, and luck. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get started, and the rules are relatively simple. Anyone can quickly learn by just watching a few rounds. Image source: Genuinely, people are drawn to group games that pull on their ego a bit. Nothing says one is a good player than taking home everyone’s