The best places to visit in Las Vegas for gamblers

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A lot of tourists who come to Las Vegas are gamblers. And truth be told, there may not be a better place to try one’s luck out. So, for guests who are coming to the city looking for a blackjack table or some slots, Stacey L. Tokunaga shares some of the best places to visit.


For slot-lovers, not only does ARIA have one of the most massive slot-machine floors in the entire Las Vegas Strip, but it also has arguably the most exclusive high-limit slot rooms in the great state of Nevada. The high-limit slot room, also known as SPIN, has slot machines with $5,000 pulls. In fact, the room is so much beyond one’s imaginations that it even has private bathrooms, staff, and dining area, Stacey L. Tokunaga adds.

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If the ARIA is for slot lovers, then the Bellagio is where poker fanatics should head to. With 40 tables for poker, this room is a must-visit for veteran and amateur players. There are mixes of limit and no-limit Hold ‘Ems, and Omahas. Aside from the drink and food for players, there is even casino staff skilled at back and neck massages.

The Cosmopolitan

The casino of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas may not be as impressive as the other casinos on this list, but it is superior in one thing – food. Yes, Stacey L. Tokunaga explains that this is a casino for foodies, where there’s an endless array of establishments and specialties to choose from.


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